By: Janet Squibb

Thanks To The Team

Tags: Behind the Scenes

Flipping through some different articles in the online Real Estate Magazine and came across this one by Real Estate lawyer Mark Weisleder. What this article highlights is the amount of effort that goes into a real estate deal. There is a team of people from multiple disciplines that make it happen. When a client signs an agreement to purchase a home, the wheels are set in motion. All these people- the brokerage staff, the lawyers, the lenders- the real estate representative’s “team”, get to work to make the deal close. If, for whatever reason the transaction fails, all the work in the background has been for nothing. And you better believe all those people want the deal to work; not just to get a paycheque but because they also take great pride in getting a young couple into their first home or downsizing for the older couple or a dozen other people settled into their dreams. This is why it can be sooo frustrating when buyers and sellers are so casual when it comes to your time and the time of your “team”. Follow the link to the article.