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Tags: Blues & Jazz Festival

Don't miss the 18th Annual Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival, June 3-5 2022. A great time to be had by all! Good food, good friends, great music. See you there! ...Read More

By: Janet Squibb


Tags: Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying A Home

  Interesting read for first time buyers, buyers who maybe have been out of the market for awhile and buyers who tend to lose their minds when they shop for a new home!     ...Read More

By: Janet Squibb

Thanks To The Team

Tags: Behind the Scenes

Flipping through some different articles in the online Real Estate Magazine and came across this one by Real Estate lawyer Mark Weisleder. What this article highlights is the amount of effort that goes into a real estate deal. There is a team of people from multiple disciplines that make it happen. When a client signs an agreement to purchase a home, the wheels are set in motion. All these people-...Read More

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Last of Winter?

Tags: Winter

I was sitting at home yesterday watching the wind-driven snow whip around the houses and down the street. Roads were closed from Orangeville to Owen Sound and driving anywhere was out of the question. A couple of years ago I moved a client from Hornings Mills to Orangeville. One of the main reasons was winter! The weather up there is very different than down here in Caledon. You need to be prepare...Read More

By: Janet Squibb

Investment/Rental Properties

Tags: Being a Landlord

I was recently talking to a neighbour about investment/rental property. The Residential Tenancies Act is a pretty complicated piece of legislature so I did some searching and found this website that answers a lot of basic questions on being a landlord. Check it out. More

By: Janet Squibb

The Extra Mile

Tags: Customer Service

We’re closing in on the middle of February and it’s snowing like mad! I have a listing in Caledon East that’s going to close soon. My clients relocated out of province so I’ve been keeping an eye on things here, from grass cutting to snow shovelling. To me, it’s a part of my role as their representative to ensure a smooth transition. From helping declutter, staging, s...Read More

By: Janet Squibb

Working With Seniors

Tags: Home Search

My father is 88 years old as I write this and in pretty good health. Since my mother passed 5 years ago, he’s been on his own in a fairly large bungalow on a big lot. He’s thinking it’s time to downsize and get a home that’s a little more manageable so we’ve been going to see a variety of products currently on the market and some still on paper.  It’s been ...Read More

By: Janet Squibb

Organizing Your Garage


After reading a previous post on collecting (or hoarding!!) I found an interesting site for organizing your garage. If you’re like me, I want to use the garage for my car, especially in the winter! What with gardening tools, lawn furniture or sports stuff, that can be difficult. Follow the link! Some of these handy tips might help you recover the space. Your car will thank you! https://...Read More

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Monday is election day! Municipal elections have the most impact on the communities we live in. Read the local papers for information on the candidate’s platforms, talk to them when they come door knocking- this will be a busy weekend for our candidates. Make an informed decision. You can effect change and your vote matters! I urge everyone to get out and vote. And give thanks to a...Read More

By: Janet Squibb

Smoking Pot in Condos

Tags: Smoking in Your Condo May Be Against The Rules!

Smoking pot in your condo? Not so fast! Better read the rules and declarations first. The Federal Government has revamped the laws on marijuana use and so might your Condo Board. Read this article by Martin Rumack from REM for a little insight.   ...Read More